Expandable Stabilizer – ES®

Drilling an enlarged hole has several cost saving advantages and adding the ES® to stabilize the BHA ensures that extra control in challenging applications.

The ES® is an expandable gauge stabilizer that provides the operator with the ability to optimize the BHA design while drilling an enlarged hole for any desired well path regardless of angle. The ES® is the only mechanical stabilizer, activated by weight on the market and has shown great success running above motor as well as with Rotary Steerable Systems.

When run at the same time as the EWD®5, there are no balls to drop or special hydraulic conditions to be setup. All that is need is for weight to be applied and begin enlarging your hole with exactly the BHA stabilization you want.

Selecting the ES® tool in place of an IBS stabilizer when running the EWD®5 tool will provide predictable rotary or steerable motor BHA performance.



ES Tool Specifications

Nominal Size17½” x 22”14¾” x 17½”12¼” x 14¾”10⅝” x 12¼”8½” x 9⅞”6” x 7½”4½” x 5½”
Pilot Bit17”-17½”14¼”-14¾”12¼”10⅝”8⅜”-8¾”6”-6¾”4½”-4¾”
Tool Length64”52”47”40”38”24”22”
Tool OD14”11¼”9½”8½”6¾”4¾”
Tool ID3½”3¼”3”2½”2”1½”1¼”