Curve Reamer™

Ever had trouble getting your liner to the end of you lateral? Maybe you can’t even get your BHA through the curve. Worried your 15 stage packer system won’t run all the way to bottom without damaging vital components?

The Curve Reamer™ was designed to solve the problem of getting through the curve and lateral of horizontal wells. The tool uses a combination of cutting action and fluid flow to create a smooth wellbore.

No more stuck casing or sidetracks due to doglegs, ledges or an unshapely hole. Multi-stage packer systems will glide all the way to the toe so you can reap the benefits of all the footage you drilled in the lateral. The tool has had great success in many of the shale plays and the tougher the formation the more the Curve Reamer™ performs. You can read more about the Curve Reamer™ in the case histories.

Features and Benefits: